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Yustitsky Valentin Mikhaylovich

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In 1911 - Study in art studio of Ya. S. Goldblat in St. Petersburg. Moving to Vilno. Training at school of painting and drawing at I.P. Trutnev.
1913 – 1914 — Training in Paris in private academy of Blanshar.
1915 – 1918 — Moving to Moscow. Participation in art exhibitions: The Moscow association of artists, in Edinorog salon, in "Northern society of artists" (Kostroma).
Service in Red Army.
1918 — Moving to Saratov in the A.V direction. Lunacharsky "for creation of proletarian art".
Vozglavleny studios of painting and drawing at the Saratov Proletkult. Work as professor of Free art workshops.
The 1920th, the beginning — Participation in competition on design of a podizhny monument to the Victims of revolution.
The 1920th, the end – the 1930th, the beginning — Participation in art exhibitions in London, Paris, Brussels.
With 1929 — Participation in exhibitions of 13 group – new association of artists of Moscow, Leningrad, Saratov, etc. cities. Creation of "The guerrilla Trutnev's portrait", "Shutsbundovtsa", "Departure of artillery on a position".
Registration of performances at the Saratov and Moscow theaters. Illustration of books of V. Mayakovsky, E. Zola, G. Flaubert, M. Proust.
1937, on August 9 — Arrest. Consequence. Sentence: 10 years of imprisonment.
1937 – 1946 — Serving of an imprisonment term in camps of a high security in Karelia on Verra-Gube, Mai Lip, in the Arkhangelsk region. Work as the marker of the wood, the cook, the moving man managing a bath. After obtaining disability work in a camp art workshop. Correspondence with the wife.
1946, on October 23 — Release. Return to Saratov. Lack of support in the circle of the Saratov artists.
? — Work as the head of a fine art studio at plant. Dismissal at the initiative of the Saratov artists as "unreliable". Leaving of pupils studio in protest at dismissal.
Writing of a cycle of the pictures "Spring Pleasures".
1947, June — Participation in an exhibition to the 50 anniversary of the Saratov art school of A.P.Bogolyubova.
After 1947 — the Help to the artist Nikolay Gushchinu who came back from abroad (1888–1965) in receiving the room.
1951 — Yustitsky V. M. died.

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